The Knowable God / Peter Brain

The Knowable God comprises twenty-three self-contained chapters on the key issues raised and the emphases made in John’s Gospel.

The Knowable God is not a critical commentary nor a set of devotional meditations; it is rather an exposition of key episodes, characters and themes, always trying to interpret the text for our own time. It centres on the fact that John’s controversial distinctiveness is usually missed in Christian worship, teaching and belief. Within the New Testament there are several understandings of Christian faith, of salvation, of the significance of the cross. John gives us his views on all these, plus the headline message that it is the incarnation itself which is our salvation. To understand Christianity we need more than this Gospel — but cannot do without it.

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PETER BRAIN is an ordained minister within the United Reformed Church, and former national URC Secretary for Church and Society.

“Peter Brain’s love for his subject is contagious. Having often steered clear of John to rely upon the more straightforward voices of the other gospels, I feel that part of the Bible has been restored to me, overflowing with energy and love.”
ROBERTA ROMINGER, Pastor of Mercer Island Congregational Church (UCC) Washington state, former General Secretary of the United Reformed Church

“A very enjoyable and cultured read...This is neither a commentary or a devotional work but is a serious and informative mediation...a gracious introduction to a distinctive Gospel.”
REVD DR JOHN SUTCLIFFE, formerly General Secretary of the Christian Education Movement

“A lively, even entertaining, read. Thought-provoking and, without losing its serious purpose, it has sufficient contemporary images and verbal squibs to make the reader smile; sly comments bring the text alive...The repeated emphasis on most Christians shuffling the pack of four Gospels so that the different emphases of each are lost is a valuable reminder to preachers.”
TONY BURNHAM, former General Secretary of the United Reformed Church and Radio 4 broadcaster